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As part of the Global Lighting Challenge, UrbanVolt is committed to replacing 1,000,000 commercial lighting fixtures with LEDs by 2020 - and delivering over €100 Million in annual energy savings for Irish businesses. 


Energy costs in Europe have risen eight times the rate of corporate earnings in the last decade, and for many businesses energy is now the second highest cost after people. We believe that LED lighting is the single most profitable investment any business can make and UrbanVolt is proud to be a Participant in the Global Lighting Challenge.


UrbanVolt offers commercial lighting as a service to SME businesses. We install new LED lighting at no up-front cost to the customer, assume all the cost of maintenance for 5+ years and in return we receive a share of the monthly savings. 

Light as a Service removes the traditional barriers to adoption of a new technology, allowing businesses of all sizes to gain the immediate benefits of an LED retrofit without any of the traditional financial risks.

Energy efficiency is a team sport and so we have partnered with Bord Gais Energy, the most forward-thinking Irish utility company, to roll out LED lighting retrofits to their 33,000 commercial customers over the next 3 years. 

Importantly, SMEs often find it difficult to access funding for new investments and UrbanVolt helps them to unlock trapped energy profits which in turn create new jobs and fund the underlying growth in any economy.


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