How Many People Does it Take to Change 10 Billion Light Bulbs

Two, if they're public servants with a gift for mobilising countries from China to the USA.

The headline-grabbing agreement at the Paris climate conference in December overshadowed another significant international climate deal concluded in the same week. After a whirlwind of last-minute phone calls, Swedish Energy Minister Ibraham Baylan took the stage to announce the Global Lighting Challenge: a commitment by 14 countries, including the USA, India and China, and huge manufacturers like Philips and Osram to ensure the sale of 10 billion energy-efficient LED bulbs in the next few years. The potential reduction in carbon emissions is enormous. With current technology it would be possible to provide 50% more lighting around the world at half the carbon cost. At the time of writing, more than 50 million bulbs have already been sold.

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