We are currently seeking supporting actions, commitments, and endorsing statements consistent with the Global Lighting Challenge’s guiding principles, from energy and related ministries, public sector organizations, private sector manufacturers, lighting retailers, institutional buyers, and funders that may contribute to reaching the Global Lighting Challenge target in an accelerated timeframe by supporting large-scale deployment of high-quality and high-efficiency advanced lamp and lighting systems. Such systems will include light-emitting diode (LED) lamps with integral controls, outdoor lights with control and off-grid quality-assured systems. Supporting actions and commitments could include a range of mechanisms, such as:

  • Incorporating performance criteria for such lighting systems into public procurement programs;
  • Seeking industry partners to commit to manufacturing and purchasing products that meet performance criteria laid out in guiding specifications;
  • Supporting development and implementation of national policy frameworks, such as minimum energy performance or quality standards, that reduce the risks of market spoiling and provide consumer protection from low-quality products;
  • Promoting complementary policy actions (such as financial incentive programs and product labels) to promote the adoption of high-quality and high-efficiency advanced lamps and lighting systems; and
  • Leveraging development assistance funds for energy access programs towards promoting super-efficient and high-quality off-grid lighting systems.

Commitments and supporting actions should be consistent with the Global Lighting Challenge’s guiding principles:

  • Commitments should utilize specifications for high-efficiency and high-quality products.
  • Delivery approaches should strive to be self-sustaining and designed to minimize distortions to commercial markets.
  • Programs should seek to ensure quality over the lifetime of the product/system, recognizing that quality assurance programs are generally most effective when implemented through performance-based approaches that are broadly harmonized and coordinated internationally.

Use of high-efficiency and high-quality specifications when making commitments

The Global Lighting Challenge is promoting existing sets of high-efficiency and high-quality specifications to be used as lighting product procurement guides. Commitments to the Global Lighting Challenge are encouraged to be aligned with these specifications. The specifications provided through the Global Lighting Challenge will include multiple tiers to provide flexibility for alignment. Commitments are encouraged to be made in reference to the specification tiers provided and this comparison will be highlighted on the commitment webpage. The tiers will align with the 4E Solid State Lighting Annex’s voluntary product performance specifications and include input from other organizations that have identified performance criteria such as the DesignLights Consortium.


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