We’re going all in to tackle climate change

Climate change is one of the world’s biggest challenges and we need bold commitments and action to find a solution. That’s why IKEA Group is going “all in” to transform our business, to ensure that it is fit for the future and we can have a positive impact. That means becoming energy independent by investing renewable energy and efficiency and cutting emissions in our supply chain. It means transporting products more efficiently and designing them to use fewer materials and more sustainable materials in production. And it includes inspiring and enabling our customers to live a more sustainable life at home, saving and generating energy, using less water and reducing waste and recycling more.

We have now switched our entire lighting range to LED, which uses up to 85 percent less energy than incandescent bulbs, enabling millions of people to live more sustainably at home. Over the next 5 years until the end of 2020, our ambition is to have sold over 500 million LED bulbs to IKEA customers. If all of the 500 million LED bulbs sold replaced incandescent bulbs, it would save enough energy each year to meet the annual electricity needs of every household in Paris and London. Over the lifetime of the bulbs it would save over 80 million tonnes of CO2.

In this critical year for climate action, IKEA Group and IKEA Foundation announced new commitments totalling EUR 1 billion to accelerate the transition to a low-carbon economy and to support the communities most at risk. This is made up of an IKEA Group commitment of EUR 600 million for investment in renewable energy and a EUR 400 million IKEA Foundation funding commitment to support communities most impacted by climate change.

The EUR 600 million IKEA Group commitment to renewable energy builds on the EUR 1.5 billion invested in wind and solar since 2009. We are on track to become energy independent, producing as much renewable energy as we consumes in our buildings, and we have so far committed to own and operate 314 offsite wind turbines and installed around 700,000 solar panels on our buildings. Around 90% of our US buildings now have rooftop solar.


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