Sweden will within the Global Lighting Challenge take an active role to promote high-efficiency and high-quality lighting products domestically and worldwide. The potential for reduced energy consumption from lighting in Sweden is estimated to be 6-7TWh (out of a total 14TWh that is used for lighting a year) and during the next years Sweden (Ministry of the Environment and Energy and the Swedish Energy Agency) will work in a structured way within among other the following areas to realize this potential:

Business development

  • Work close with innovative SMEs to promote LED technology development and deployment.
  • Work with different so called “buyers groups” to enhance demand for energy efficient lighting in larger companies.

Sales and deployment

  • Close collaboration with retailers to promote that the share of high-efficiency and high-quality lighting on market increases.


  • Close collaboration with central, regional and local government authorities on public procurement and encourage the most forward leaning actors to join the Global Lighting Challenge.
  • Engage in dialogue with other actors, such as hotel chains, to procure high-efficiency and high.-quality lighting, aiming for energy performances that are equivalent to the winners of SEAD Global Efficiency Award.
  • Work within innovative finance solution to support small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to invest in more high-efficiency and high-quality lighting to reduce overall costs.

Target groups

  • Consumers, companies and various public actors.


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