Domestic Project to Support Energy Efficiency Market (LED items) Deployment


  • According to the National Energy Master Plan, public institutions should replace its lightings with 100% LED lighting by 2020, and LED lighting should be mandated to lightings used for a long-time in private buildings such as underground parking area in apartment.
  • Utilizing Energy Service Companies (ESCO) fund and project financing techniques, lightings in large-scale applications such as subways, tunnels and passenger terminals are replaced with LEDs
  • Providing subsidies for LED lighting installation to low-income families, welfare facilities, poultry farms etc.
  • Placing a higher priority to convert 1.36 million lightings to LED lighting in subway stations, tunnels, airports, railway stations, and tunnels in expressway
  • Building a foundation to trade peak reduction in the market by implementing energy efficiency business and realizing low-carbon energy society

Overview of Project to Support LEDs Deployment: 2016 Energy Efficiency (EE) Market Demonstration

Project Overview: Providing incentive for the reduction of contracted amount after replacing existing equipment with high-efficiency equipment and operating normally during the peak time from 2 pm to 6 pm within the peak season between July and September. Preparing and executing budget of 3.39 billion Korean won for LED lightings in 2016.

What well accomplish

  • Reducible resources during the peak time from 2 pm to 6 pm within the peak season in summer between August and September, excluding weekends and holidays
  • Reduce demand of LED 10kW or more by the equipment
  • Replace with certified high-efficiency equipment in high-efficiency equipment and/or energy efficiency rating

Business Application, Evaluation, and Selection

  • Qualification to Apply: ESCO, Demand Side Management (DSM) service provider, Businessman who install LEDs in own business workplace

  • Installation site: Buildings (factories, business buildings, etc), excluding public institution buildings

Payment of Support Fund and Incentive

  • Basic support fund is provided after equipment installation is confirmed. Guaranteed incentive is offered after performance verification test is completed.

  • Limit of Support Fund: Business workplace can be received a benefit up to 150 million Korean won in each item. Businessman can receive maximum 750 million Korean won in each item.



Support fund

Incentive Cap

Limit of Support Fund

(Million Korean won)

Business site1)



160 thousand Korean won/kW

160 thousand Korean won/kW



1) Each business can be received 150 million Korean won

2) ESCO, Smart Grid Service Provider (SGSP), and self-employed business can be

received 750 million Korean won


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